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1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

The 944 turbo was introduced at the end of 1985 as a 1986 model.  The turbocharged 4 cylinder water cooled engine produced an astonishing 220 HP with a zero to sixty time of under 5.7 seconds!  The body was distinguished for a normally aspirated 944 with a new polyurethane nose and a rear undercarriage spoiler.  Four piston Brembo brakes were taken from the 928 to improve stopping.  A very popular track and driver ed car, this stock turbo has a manual transmission and is black on black.

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1980 Porsche 911 "WEISSACH" Edition

In 1979 Porsche found that the 911 Turbo (930) could no longer meet the new United States federal emission requirements.  The demand for the wide body look was satiated by Porsche's decision to fabricate a normally aspirated car with the 930 body.  This car for model year 1980 was designated as the "Weissach" edition.  Only 406 of these models were made for the US market.  One half of the group were painted in pongee Beige Metallic while the other half received a metallic charcoal gray color.  The interiors were done in Doric gray with burgundy pinstriping.  An RS wing was on the rear while the front received a new spoiler.  This spoiler was later added to all subsequent 911SC and Carrera models.  In 1980 the sale price of the coupe was $32,000, making them the most expensive of all the Porsche models at the time. 
This original Weissach spent it's whole life in the northeast and has been invited to Greenwich Concours d'Elegance events.

1986 Porsche 928S

In the late 1970's, Porsche's management team began the process of finding the successor to the 911.  The design  team began work on a water cooled V-8 engine, mounted in the front and like the other "transaxle" cars, had the transmission bolted directly to the rear end.  Introduced in 1978, with 300 HP, even weight distribution and luxurious appointments, the 928 series was Porsche's hope to move into the future with a GT car with plenty of sports car handling.  The futuristic look of pop-up headlamps, curvaceous body sculpturing and a spacious cargo area, also came  with relatively high service costs and an ever inflating MSRP.  Demand for the 928 series waned as the demand for the 911 series increased.  1995 was the last year of the 928.  This particular model is black with a black interior.


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