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1990 Porsche Carrera 4

Through the turbulent and troubled times for Porsche in the 1980's, Porsche re-tooled their 911 with a new engine, new suspension, new transmission, self adjusting spoiler, new aerodynamic bumpers and new brakes.  Porsche claimed this model was 80% different than the previous 3.2L Carrera.  In 1990 Porsche made available a 4 wheel drive system.  This system was the first used in a Porsche production vehicle with technology from the 959.
This 1990 model is a Carrera 4 (964) carrying Grand Prix white colors and a dark blue interior.

1968 912 Soft Window Targa

The 911 when first introduced was met with much enthusiasm and fanfare.  Unfortunately, the price of the car kept many past Porsche and prospective new buyers away.  Porsche responded with the 912.  The 912 had fewer amenities, weighed 250 lbs lighter and utilized the 356 based 4 cylinder engne.  Matted to a 5 speed gearbox, the car was indeed responsive even with the 102 hp SAE engine.  The 912 series outsold the 911 for the first 2 years of production.
Offered in both the 911 and 912 series was the optional targa model.  Featuring a large stainless steel bar for body rigidity, the center section of the roof was removable.  Aft of the bar was a soft vinyl window that was removable as well.  Later production models saw the soft window replaced with a fixed glass.  Only 2562 targas were manufactured during the tenure of the 912 production.
This particular example was completely restored by a prominent Porsche specialist in California.  This car was purchased at the RM Auction in the main ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, AZ.  Alain D'Cadet, famous race car driver and television announcer said of this car that it was one of the finest examples of the Marque he had seen.

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